This year we’re passing the baton of keeping our lawn green and clean to  the boys.  It won’t be an easy job but it’ll be a great learning experience and lots of good hard work.

Stocking The Pond

Another off season activity is adding some fish to the pond. Buying fish from the fish truck is a lot like buying ice cream from the ice cream truck.

Then we take the fish back in bags and release them into their new home to grow.

We stock mostly large mouth bass and catfish, with a few carp (they eat grass and keep the moss down) and crappie for variety.

Then we just let them grow and in a few years they’ll be big enough to catch.

The Off Season

Winter time brings a needed down time around the farm.  From snow flakes to milder winter days, we love to be outside and to start looking forward to spring.
Sleigh rides with the golf cart:

Pruning young trees is a winter activity and takes some practice to learn:

Stocking the barn with feed:

Giving mowing lessons as the older boys prepare to take over the lawn care:

And just enjoying the mild days outside:



It was a gorgeous fall day for our church fall harvest party.  Hay rides and pony rides and plenty of food, fellowship and bluegrass music.  It has become an annual tradition we look forward to.



Our church teen group is in the middle of “man weekend” with the junior and senior high guys.  Today they came by for a competitive fish tournament.  The bass were biting and the competiton was tough.  Lots of fish caught and 7 of them each weighed over a pound.

The first prize fish weighed 2 lbs 4 oz and was 18″ long.

Fishing was a great way for our guys to have fun and enjoy nature.  I’m sure they’ll sleep well in their tents tonight.

LPA Party

We had a great night with our friends from Little People of America.  Lots of swimming and eating and playing.  LPA continues to be a big part of our life and we always enjoy being with them.

Lola Jane turned six years old recently and it was a perfect summer day for a party.  After lots of cake and presnts, our good friends The Stanelys brought thier horses over for all the kids to enjoy.  It was a party to remember.