LPA Party

We had a great night with our friends from Little People of America.  Lots of swimming and eating and playing.  LPA continues to be a big part of our life and we always enjoy being with them.

Lola Jane turned six years old recently and it was a perfect summer day for a party.  After lots of cake and presnts, our good friends The Stanelys brought thier horses over for all the kids to enjoy.  It was a party to remember.

I found 3 year old Winston in the garden gorging himself on cherry tomatoes…nothing better.


We bought chicks from TSC in the early spring, kept them in the house, then the barn and finally to the coop. So far we haven’t lost any of the chickens to predators. And finally…our first eggs! Everyone is very excited.

Harvest Time!

All the hard work of spring finally pays off…tomatoes and cucumbers and squash coming in nearly day.  This year I started the tomatoes from seed.  And I have a strict “no tomato left behind” policy.  We either eat them or share them.  Mouth sores all summer are a small price to pay for Cherokee Purples and Early Girls at every meal.  

I even found a “blue” variety this year…they start out blueish purple and ripen into a red.  

And my homemade jalepeno garlic pickles are a fav here at the Galloways even though they make us all smell like garlic and dill for days at a time.

It will take more than a few thundershowers to keep us from having a big July 4th celebration.  About 70 friends and family came over to pig out on ribs, cool off in the pool and enjoy some fireworks once the storms gave us a break.  So thankful to live in the best country in the world.

Thanks TSC!

For a wanna be farmer, having Tractor Supply Company doing a demo in your garden is big time.  Janet from Janet’s Planet came out recently with TSC to do this how to video for TSC.com:


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