Let Feedom Ring

We enjoyed a gorgeous 4th of July night with about 80 friends & family.  Plenty of good food, fun activities and most of plenty of time to catch up with people.

Some close friends enjoyed a rare wedding here at the farm this weekend.  The weather was perfect and it was quite a celebration to watch two people commit their lives to each other.

Rehearsal dinner in the loft:

The big day:

And the reception party at the barn:

A buddy of mine works for Tractor Supply Company.  From time to time they shoot video around the farm for their web site.  (As a die hard TSC fan, that’s very cool in itself). Recently they brought a drone out and sent me this video


Each winter since we bought the farm, two geese come and make a nest in the same place.  We like to think they are the same geese and we affectionately named them Goosey & Gander.  This year turtles robbed the nest and ate the eggs.  But Goosey made a second nest in a different area and we’ve been patiently waiting for the new arrivals.  Today we saw the first one sneak out from under mother goose.

City Slickers

We recently bought the farm behind our place.  The kids and I decided that our two Belted Galloway cows would enjoy grazing the farm instead of the 2 acre pen they’ve lived in.  The theory:  get a bucket of sweet feed and they’ll follow us to the promised land like Noah loading the ark.  But Bossy & Sweetie were too distracted by the grass to go .  (there’s a sermon in there somewhere)

After plenty of coaxing and encouraging, the cattle drive was on…

And eventually we made it and the sister cows will enjoy plenty of grazing and excercise.

Fort Galloboro

Leave kids alone in the woods for long and they’ll build a fort.  No instructions here…just sticks & imagination.

The spring rains have turned our babbling brook…


…into an impressive little flood of fast moving current.


This year we’re passing the baton of keeping our lawn green and clean to  the boys.  It won’t be an easy job but it’ll be a great learning experience and lots of good hard work.

Stocking The Pond

Another off season activity is adding some fish to the pond. Buying fish from the fish truck is a lot like buying ice cream from the ice cream truck.

Then we take the fish back in bags and release them into their new home to grow.

We stock mostly large mouth bass and catfish, with a few carp (they eat grass and keep the moss down) and crappie for variety.

Then we just let them grow and in a few years they’ll be big enough to catch.